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I would just like to say thank you very much for the full refund. I really was not expecting anything because, I did not want to going deeper into the shipping hole for a $20 part. I figured I would just cut my losses. I have to tell you I Stand corrected, Your company has great integrity. Thanks again.   Good Morning: Wanted to thank the crew at for their quick and efficient service!

 I ordered a fan switch on Tuesday, and had it in the mailbox here in Seattle on Friday! Great service, thanks guys! Alan Great service,recieved a few days back, sorry for delay on response. Thanks again. 

Folks !! I have received today the ECU that I ordered from your store. Great !! 

Received my replacement knuckle yesterday. Thanks for replacing it so easily!! Doug

The bumper parts arrived this week! Yay! Thanks for getting them here. They are all painted now and waiting for me to bolt them on tomorrow. Thanks again. 

Hello, I received the parts I inquired about and I can't explain to you how thankful I am to receive these parts!! I really appreciate this and I will be sure to continue buying parts from your company for my cruiser!! My conversion is almost done and I have driven it on the road already!! The wiring is the toughest part, but I am getting close to being finished!!

 Thanks again for all of your help!! 

 I have received the order. I appreciate you, and your patience. 

Also, the dash pad I purchased from you guys several months ago was in great condition and looks fantastic since being installed. I'm sure I will be ordering from you in the future. 

I received the shipment for the order from the attached invoice, on Friday June 25th. I would first like to say that I am very happy with the items. The dash pad and the sun visors exceeded my expectations. I am absolutely thrilled to have them. 

hello guys thanks for the pront delivery of my rear tail gate door look actuator, it work perfect.... 

Have received my parts and want to thank

Thanks for the shipment (to: Kathleen Y.)Hope it helps our sluggish and warm blooded, but PERFECT Cruiser. More orders to come as we finish this restoration of our 3rd Cruiser 

Just a quick note of thanks! First, you had the parts and you shipped 

 overnight. Second, you guys have awesome customer service. My 1973 40 

 is feeling much better now :-)


 you . I also, want to thank 

 you for the sticker is already on my truck. Thanks again!

I appreciate the great communication and now would not hesitate

 to do more business in the future. Steve

Just wanted to let you know that all the parts I have ordered in the past were great. Thanks for the prompt shipping and secure packaging and quality used parts. 

 Thanks for your service,


Hey just wanted to say thanks! I received my inner fender and core support right on time. I will definitely order from you again in the future! Thanks again! Randy W. 

This is to confirm that I received all the items in perfect condition, thank you for your great service


I have received the Power Steering Pump I order, and would just like to say Thank you. 

Thanks also for all the extras on the truck, like the accel pedal and the mirror that no longer wobbles. It runs and drives nicer than it even has. 

Many thanks for your update re the water pump gasket. Also your prompt and courteous attention in getting the gasket kit and

 fan blade shipped out to me. I continue to me impressed with the service i have received from you and Cruiserparts.

 Best regards-Jim W. 


 Ireceivedthealternatoryesterdayand got it put it put in and it's works great!

 Thank you very much!


I received the parts this morning. Everything looks great. 

 I was a pleasure doing business with LCP. I'll be talking to you next time I need anything for my truck. 

 I wanted to start by saying thanks for all your help on this project. I have returned the vehicle to the customer and he is extremely happy with the result. Your technical help throughout the process is much appreciated.  

This is why i will always choose you guys for my landcruiser parts......friendly, great parts/shipping, and very knowledgeable. 

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!

 part is perfect. Will order from you again



 I just wanted to send you a brief e-mail thanking you for the very pleasant experience that I had in shopping with you. I am sure I will be contacting you in the future. Thanks again. Shaun 

 You guys ROCK!!! Thanx, Bob 

 Received the oil cooler is in excellent condition and the price extremely fair! Beginning with an email on Wednesday afternoon ending with receiving the part the next day...Incredible service (once again), that you just do see very often, if at all these days! Kudos to the whole gang at!! 

Today I recieved all parts. Thanks for this, they are very nice!. I

 hope to do more business with you in the future. are standup folks. Thank you for making my day. I know I'll be ordering from you in the future.  



 Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I got the trans in and it works fine,Thank you so much it took me a week (after work) but the future exwife's cruiser runs great! Thanks a lot!! 


Happy New Year. Just wanted to let you know I got the part last week. I

 hope to put it in next week. I'll write again soon.

 Thanks so much,


Just wanted to let you know that I have received the 1989 diff that I 

 ordered. It was in great shape and a great value for the money! It 

 works fine.

Thanks for helping me keep up with my three cruisers!

 I just received my order from you and just wanted to say thank you for your fair prices and good service! I will be ordering from you again in the near future! Thanks Matt 

 I recently received my seatbelt. It's in great condition! Thanks for everything.-Shane 

As usual, I received my order quicker than I could have asked for and in

 perfect shape. Thank you again.

 Thank you for the prompt shipping. The parts were in great condition. 

I appreciate all you folks have done, really a great resource for

 us Land Cruiser lovers. Thanks again.

 You guys are great - it is so refreshing to find honest people these days. You were right on the money - the Autozone EFI relay did the job for about $12. You will be my first call on any future parts. 

wow.....thank you!!

Wow that was quick shipment. Wow again it is in excellent shape! Wow

 its the right part. I'm very happy. I was a little nervous doing this over

 the internet never ordered like this before not sure what I was going to

 get. Keep me on your mailing list I will definately buy parts from you

 again. I see a couple things in your inventory I will need in the future.

thanks from a totally happy customer!

 Gary J.

 Parts got here this morning. I have not had a chance to put it on yet but would like to thank you for the great service and quick delivery on the parts. Look forward to using you in the future. Thanks Again.

Just wanted to say great response time on your e-mails I am very happy with

 your service and I plan to completely restore my land cruiser with any parts

 you have in stock.

BTW, the seat I ordered is wonderful. The tracks are great too. I have had them installed and it is awesome. You all saved me a ton of money. I had an estimate from the dealer for the tracks and it was outrageous. Thanks a bunch.

The head rests came yesterday and I am so happy with them. Thanks so much for your help. 

Yes... thank you. I recieved it several days after I e-mailed you. It looks

 wonderful! Thanks a million...

 This is really the first time I have ordered a used specialty motor like this over the Internet. All the parts I have ordered from you have been right on except for the radio nob. (no big deal). Thanks to you and your staff for their help. 

 Attached are some pics. The first pic is of the valve cover of the motor. Must have been a lot of condensation during shipment??? I didn't like the looks of that when I saw it but we did a very thorough cleaning job and pulled the side covers off and cleaned behind them good too. After the install I ran the oil for about 250 miles and did an Amsoil engine flush to really clean everything up before changing to synthetics. Again after 600 miles now the oil is still ultra clean. Thanks again. 


I just wanted to send a quick thank you: We recently purchased a H55F

 transmission for our 85 FJ60 and wanted to let you know how pleased we

 were with your service. Also, the 5speed has made a world of

 difference, transforming our once short trip vehicle into a nice highway

 cruiser (we live in an area were the speed limit is 75, a speed hardly

 attainable with the standard 4speed). This has been by far the best

 investment we have made on our Cruiser! 


I just received my first purchase from you (a grille mesh). Excellent deal! Thanks very much! 

 Got the part and it worked like a charm. Thx for the help and service. Ian 

Got the parts, they're in great shape-Thanks!

I bought a steering gear from you guys a little while and and finally

 got it put in last weekend. No slop, no leaks... and still had the

 pitman arm on it to save me breaking my puller AGAIN. You guys are

 great and you charged less in shipping for the steering gear than SOR

 charged for shipping a haynes manual! I plan to post on your superior

 service on the landcruiser forums I post on.

Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the


Made it in great time and the 80 is now back on the road! Thanks for all

 your help, you were a lifesaver!

Hello, just thought I'd let you know that the blower came today and works

 great. Thank you so much for the prompt service. I look forward to buying

 more parts from you guys in the future.

 Thanks again

 -Zac Montgomery

Got the parts,

thanks a million,

you guys are the coolest,

do not get this kind of service at SOR.

 Thank you for your response and customer service; it's nice to know that you 

 care about doing business the right way! My hat's off to you...I'll not only 

 be happy to do business with you folks again, I'll sing your praises on the 

 various FJ message boards!!

 Thanks again,

 R. P. I just got the parts, everything just fine, as expected.

 Thank you very much.

Hub caps look great and used parts were in nice condition. Will pass

 you guys on to the other local Cruiser heads.

Thank you for your help. Your company has always been very helpful and a

 pleasure to deal with.

The part just arrived, thanks very much. It is the right part and the speed

 with which you got it here is amazing. Service like this is why I both

 continue to buy from you and recommend you to my landcrusier owning friends.


 WOW ! Just got the package ! 

 Mucho thanks ! 


I just wanted to email back and say thank you! Not only did you send me a

 gas tank skid plate in excellent condition, but you were also generous

 enough to throw in the straps (and the shipping was less than originally


I really appreciate what you did for me and look forward to purchasing more

 from you in the future.

Thanks again,


Shaun W.

 1991 FJ80

 Parts arrived today, What a plesant supprise!!!!! 

 Fit fine, EXCELLENT SERVICE, Am giving your address to all the parts houses in Colorado Springs, 

 Thanks again for the VERY PROMPT SERVICE, it's not often you get that anymore 

 Mel Hunter 

 Hunters Garage 

Hi folks

 Got my accelerator pedal and piece o' wiring harness. Everything was perfect. Thank you for your quick and efficient attention. I will definitely be back and will spread the word.

 Regards, Michael

Whoa...Holy Landcruiser parts Batman....that's fast! From an email request

 on Thursday night, with a Monday morning delivery of the part, I don't see

 how it can get much better than that! Dave

I ordered a bypass valve from you last month. Wanted to let you know that it arrived timely and allowed me to pass emissions test and finally drive my cruiser. Thank you. Timothy

Last week, purchased FJ60 knuckle Seal Kit . . . Received parts, thank you . . . Pete

My first ordering experience with CruiserParts has been great! Chris D.

Hey guys it's Scott M. just received my steeering wheel and cargo mat and they are perfect! Thanks for pleasant service!! Scott

Just a short note to say i got my steering parts today,Thank you ,Great customer service,Also thank you for the fridge magnet,nice touch.

D. Gaughan & B.Mannion

I received the hose. It is in great shape and I will be doing business

 with you again. Thanks MJ

I received the running boards and installed on vehicle--perfect! Just what I was looking for. I really appreciate your service. Thank you. David H.

I just wanted to thank you guys for treating my nickel and dime used parts orders so expeditiously. I'm glad I found you, it definitely has influenced my decision to nurse my old 81 FJ60 along a while longer. 

 J. Hawks 

I really appreciate the parts! I look forward to

 dealing with you again very soon. Thanks, Joe W.

Thank you, you guys are very courteous and the professional its been a pleasure doing business with you 

Dear Cruiser Parts,

 With your company, staff and unbeatable prices I fell back in love with my cruiser! Thank you for saving me a few thousand!Marc B.

Transmission works great thanks.

 Charlie N.

<>:I have owned landcruisers for over 25 years but recently I ordered from your company for the first time.

 Not only was the salesperson very freindly but the items were in great condition, I received them within two days, and the shipping was only four dollars plus change. Thanks for the great service. I've ordered a lot of parts over the years but have never been more satisfied with the price, product and service. 

Thanks so much for working with me on getting thatrear ARB locker for my FJ60 scratched off the wish-list. Now all I have to do is put it in!! For what it's worth, you guys are my first (usually the only) place I've been seriously looking for parts - so, thanks.

Got the skid plate much better condition than I expected!! I guess when you say "really nice", you actually mean "really nice"! 

 thanks again, and keep up the good work!


Hey guys-

 Just wanted to let you all know that my mirror showed up yesterday and it

 was in good shape. I'm impressed with the quality of your used parts and

 the speed at which it was shipped. Good job! In the future I will be

 contacting you guys first for my needs of used parts.


 -Jon B.

I wanted to take a moment and thank Kathy for her assistance in resolving a shipping error by DHL on my recent parts order. Although there was little she could do to rectify the DHL shipping problem she was very proactive in attempting to get the parts to my truck painter in time for the FJ40 repainting. Thanks again, it was appreciated.


Hey, Just wanted to let you know what a nice person you have at customer

 service, she just now helped me with an order for some floor mats for a 97

 Landcruiser, you guys are "TOP NOTCH! Thanks, Sandi D.

Hi I got the parts today ! GREAT!!!!! service, Thanks for the quick

 return on the order. I will be doing buisness with you again! THANKS again

 Carl J.

Cruiser parts,

 I am always glad to do buisness with someone who can save me money.Thanks,


Thanks for the quality parts. I installed them yesterday and they function beautifully. You saved me a lot of money and just wanted to say I appreciate it. --------Mike E

I have ordered through them several times.. even their air freight shipping charges are good. I ordered a used hardtop sidepanel from them. I asked for one that could be rusty and not their top of the line, as I was just trying to get the top on for the winter.. the panel they sent me for $100 was better than the nice one I had on the other side of the cruiser.. for the most part, they carry quality used stuff. I will definitely use them again. 


Hey guys! I just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks so much for your help with getting my truck back in order. Please pass this note on to the owners as I would like to let them know what a great staff they have.

 Both of you were EXTREMELY helpful and I felt that you guys really were very responsive to my needs and questions. So far the truck is running the strongest it ever has since I have owned it (I am very happy). I also wanted to say thanks to the mechanic who did the work. I think he solved quite a few issues that I was unaware of. I think the quality of the work was great and the ability to hook me up with (the right) needed parts was fantastic. Without a doubt, I will pass along my experience with you guys to Gotham City Landcruisers and certainly give you guys a great review whenever I can!

 Thanks so much! It was also great to get up to the shop to meet all of you and to check out the place! 

 —Wayne Dear Cruiserparts, I wish to inform you that I received the posted engine cover today and I am very thankful for your kind and quick dispatch of the same. I hope to deal with you in future. Sincerely Barnabas Hi Mike, yes it is fitted and working,thank you for your patience and service I have no problem recommending your company,Regards Des. Cruiser seats are fixed!!!! Thanks to you guys and $16 for two tiny plastic screws. We are thrilled, my son and I did the repair yesterday. Gears were fine, not stripped, just needed the little end cap screws and some ingenuity. Thanks and best regards for a happy and prosperous 2014! Chris 

 I was really happy to see you guys carry the cruiser parts. Jimmy

Very pleased.... Thank you :-} Devin

New camshaft received. This one is perfect. I do want you to know that I have very much appreciated your professionalism and customer oriented way of doing is business. We’ll make again business together. Many thanks again.

Best regards


We installed the part and the land cruiser is operating great! Thanks so much for the service. I got your email in my favorites for the next time. 




I forgot the name of the gentleman who handled my issue, but I just wanted to thank you guys for excellent customer service and getting me a working part on time!


I just want to thank you, and the team of guys up there, for helping us with this. Brian and Mike here are more than thankful, and more importantly, the customer is understanding. I do specifically want to thank Mike as he was the model of customer service in this interaction. He aligned with us on the situation all the while remaining a confident representative of Cruiser Parts. I know you guys have your hands tied a lot of time dealing with used parts, but being the long standing customers we are we really appreciate you working with us. Sincerely,


I really appreciate your excellent customer service and taking care of it. Same as I have always received from you guys. Thank Matt

I ordered a dust cover for a FJ40, 4 speed, It just arrived and fits perfectly!!!!.....thanks a bunch Mike....take care....Reed

Received the door glass today in a million pieces. Just kidding, it is near perfect. I installed it and it looks great!

 Thanks for the quick service. I'll be back for more stuff.

Thanks Michael - I really appreciate you guys. I've done business with Spector before and have been really disappointed with the all around experience - their shipping is outrageous and their products are subpar (bought a special PVC hose that doesn't fit the insulator). I'll definitely be working with you guys from here on out. First things first, I need to find more money :)

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you all too.


To the owner of the Best Online Company I've ever had the pleasure of being a customer;

I have probably ordered online over 1,000,000 times. The service we have received from Josh (the Sales Manager) and Mike Decker was without compare. I have NEVER had ANYONE call unsolicited to follow up on my order. We have no need to look elsewhere ever for parts for our Landcruiser. I hope you are young, so this company is around when my children need parts.

Kelly B

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for the assistance I received from Mike Decker yesterday. He helped me determine what the head casting marks and engine block casting marks meant in regards to matching up my 1974 F engine with a future head. I am not ready for a rebuild at this time since JB weld is now keeping the coolant in my head from a pinhole leak, but I truly appreciated his assistance thinking through my issue (to verify that a friend's head would match). When I called Spec..., another company, they made it clear that they knew the information that I sought and made it equally clear that they would not provide it to me. Of course, they would be happy to sell me the proper head for my engine block. In the Land Cruiser community, it is nice to know that there are people out there that help Land Cruiser enthusiasts get the information they are seeking, without the need to purchase something. In the future, I will be sure to turn to your company

 for my Land Cruiser needs! Thank you for your professionalism and assistance!

Very Respectfully,

 Edward J. C

The package with the calipers are delivered at my home today, I have to say "Whoa!" they look splendid, thank you!

 It's nice to do business with you and I hope be able to do that next year as well.

I wish you a happy new year and a healthy 2013.

With kind regards,

 Willy M

I received my lock, key & emblem and they are all great!

 Thank you very much, Megan

 The Best Online Company I've ever had the pleasure of being a customer;

I have probably ordered online over 1,000,000 times. The service we have received from Josh (the Sales Manager) and Mike Decker was without compare. I have NEVER had ANYONE call unsolicited to follow up on my order. We have no need to look elsewhere ever for parts for our Landcruiser. I hope you are young, so this company is around when my children need parts. 

Thanks for stopping by to read some of the happy comments from our very large customer base. Out of the thousands of shipments we process every year we also get a minor number of complaints. Nobody gets messed over or intentionally forgot about with our company and we have never had an unhappy customer who we didn't take care of. Unless they never contacted us. But we always try very hard to take care of our customers. The internet is a convenient location to complain and vent frustration. 

 Please tell us what we have done wrong to you before blasting us in a public forum. We strive very hard to make everyone happy with us!

 But we cannot do that if we don't hear from you:) just email us at: for a quick resolution or call us 888-941-3450

 We would love to hear from you our customer about any issues so we can correct them. Even if it has been awhile and you are upset with us over something we would love to still help if you would give us the oppurtunity! 

Roman - you guys are fantastic! Got my parts and love the door handles.

Doug Courtenay

1994 Landcruiser - Original owner 

Hey guys, believe it or not the parts showed up the following day, thanks again, both parts are spot on


Thanks again guys, I'll be calling within the next 2 days to order some more stuff, u guys are exceptional

Hey Josh. I just got the radio and it looks great. Thanks for all your help.


Thanks for the quick reply and will be watching for these . Thanks josh Y'all have really been easy to work with . 

Thanks Mike D,

 Wow...I got the part overnite!!! and am stunned at your amasing service


 My 1976 FJ40 "Greenie Girl" thanks you.

jersey jerry k

Thanks for the clutch slave, got the cruiser running again. Bert

EXCELLENT! Have not had time to send back the other console. I have been on vacation and I just returned this morning. Thank tou very much after a little sanding and paint this console will look nice. I might be picky, however these cruiser are worth thousands and if every little detail is perfect so will the value of my cruiser. I take great pride in my vehicle as im sure you at cruiser parts can appreciate that. With your help owners can maintain the high standards cruisers deserve. THANK YOU!

 VERY satisfied costumer, Ed

I am emailing to thank you for our hassle free trade with your company.

 We are absolutely thrilled to receive the correct mudguards (front fenders). Delivery is such a short time compared to receiving goods within NZ even.

 Our dealers told us these guards were not available now, so it appears they didn't make many enquires.

 Your track and trace and accuracy of delivery is commendable.

 Again, many thanks. We hope to deal again.


 Donna M

The third member for my LC arrived on Tuesday just as you said. It is the correct part and it's condition seems serviceable. You guys blew me away - far exceeded my expectations. Good price (lower than I found anywhere else) - free shipping AND you got it here in a week !?#%$ Then I found the envelope with the new gasket and seal... you could have knocked me over with a feather.

This is world class service. Count me a lifelong fan. Please share this with the owners of your most worthy firm. A whole bunch of fine old LCs like mine, weathered and worn but faithful, will soldier on due to your valuable efforts. Thanks so much, Dave Scott

Received the Land Cruiser Air Pump last Friday.

 It was installed today & seems to be working properly.

 Allowed my 82 Cruiser to pass the CA smog test !!!!

 Thanks for the good service. Thanks again,

 john F.

I received my parts and they worked out! thanks guys! 


I recently ordered lc front coils from your sales staff. I searched and searched for hours on the computer to try and find some. Finally I decided to give you guy a call to see what you have. I figured I would get the run around and be passed from one overpaid employee to another and not find the information I needed. 

 But to my surprise I found your knowledgeable staff ( John and Mike)on the other end of the phone. They answered all of my questions and even passed some knowledge onto me. I was happy to do business with you guys and hope to in the future. 


 Josh D

I want to report that the axle shaft extensions you sent were installed with new seals and all seems to be tight and holding fluids where they are supposed to be. I really appreciate the service Cruiser parts offers. Thanks for helping us keep the old rig running and not breaking the bank in the process.

 Kind Regards,


Thanks very much for your help and thank you all for being such a great supplier of Landcruiser parts. I am always happy with the parts and excellent pricing.

 Best Regards,

 Brian P.

Thank you.

 The service was fantastic. I will be back for more parts at some point. 

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