Toyota Land Cruiser Parts: FJ40 : 1962 ~ 1985

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Remember, used parts may or may not need painting, degreasing, cleaning, etc. Prices are subject to change without notice.
All used parts do come with a 90 day warranty against any problems. Satisfaction is assured!!

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Notes / Rough Shipping / Information
3 Month Warranty on all used Engines. All engines are currently running and are ready to reinstall after general servicing. Engine's are sold oil pan to the valve cover. You reuse your old carburetor, distributor, intake/exhaust, etc. All engines test out with over 135 psi per a cylinder. Oil pan may get damaged in shipping and you will then need to use your old oil pan. After you order your engine and before it ships we will contact you with the compression numbers, mileage and any information that we have on the donor vehicle.
2F Engine, Runs excellent. Direct bolt in upgrade from an F engine.
1975 - 1978
Roughly a $120 to $245 shipping charge on all engines. Within continental 48 states.
Commercial Address Required.

Toyota 3FE engine conversion. Direct Bolt in kit. Fuel Injected! 16 mpg+

F Engine, used, runs well. not smoking, etc.
1960 - 1974
4 Cylinder 3B diesel engine conversion, 12V system. Comes with bell housing and the 4 spd tranny. Get 20 mpg + in your 40 series!! any
Used engine cylinder head assemblies we recommend rebuilding.
Cylinder heads cost $35 to $45 to ship.
Rebuilt cylinder heads can be located in our shopping cart . Click Here.
No cracks, not warped.
1975 -1980
1981 - 1984
3 spd transmission floor shifter conversion kit Very simple installation, remove existing top cover, mark hole in your tunnel cover and install the parts you receive. Makes driving the 3 speed alot easier.
Complete 3 spd floor shift change over kit for your transmission. Includes top cover, shifting lever, boot and a knob.
Transfer case floor shifter conversion kit. Includes all the linkage, levers, module.
This changes your transfer case from vacuum shift to direct floor shift.
3 Speed Transmission, used, inspected, no issues.
1963 - 1974
FREE Shipping
4 Speed Transmission, used, inspected. no issues.
1974 -1980
FREE Shipping
4 Speed Transmission, used, inspected. no issues.
1981 -1984
FREE Shipping

4 Speed transmission kit for 3 speeds. If you are sick of grinding the gears in your 3 speed.

You can upgrade to a late model synchronized 4 speed easily.

Kit includes:
Bell housing with cover, flywheel, transmission, conversion gear & bearing, shifters, outer boots, gaskets, flanges, drive shafts and a bunch of hardware.
New shift knob is $22.06 & Clutch kit is $199 new. Multiple other items could also be replaced. Please contact for details.
3 Speed transmission with transfer case 3 spd.  
4 Speed Transmission with transfer case 74-80 Includes transfer case
4 Speed Transmission with transfer case. 81-84 Includes transfer case
5 Speed Transmission Kit. NEW H55F with used transfer case along with drum conversion, shifters, gasket kit. You must cut and modify drive shaft lengths when you are done installation. 4x & 55 series Very rare with all these conversion parts, great upgrade.
Transfer Case Assemblies include all gears, bearings.
Flanges, ebrake and covers must be reused from your original.
Rebuilt transfer cases are available for $500 above the listed price. They are cleaned, disassembled and reassembled using only high quality japanese bearings and any worn parts are replaced.
1963 -1973
Full warranty.
Complete Gasket kit is - $25 extra.
Full warranty.
Complete Gasket kit is - $25 extra.
1974 -1980
1981 -1984
Full warranty.
Complete Gasket/seal kit is - $79 extra.
Core charge on 1974-1980 transfer case of $100 for either a USED or REBUILT transfer case. We can take any condition as a core return.
Drive Shaft front or rear. Specify 3 spd or 4 spd transmisison.
Front or Rear. Good U Joints. Complete with slip yoke & flanges.
Drive shaft bolts
Sold each complete w/nuts.
Front Disk Axle conversion kit. Click link on right to read more.
Front disk brake axle assembly (brake parts no warranty)
Hub to Hub Assembly.
Rebuilt disk brake front axle assembly. New bearings/seals, inspected, painted. any Ready to install!
Front drum axle assembly (brake parts no warranty)
1958 - 1975
Hub to Hub Assembly.
Front drum axle assembly (brake parts no warranty) Non USA version!!
75-84 Hub to Hub. Updated type drum.
Full float rear axle. No differential. Reuse your old one or see listing below.
Hub to Hub Assembly.
Full float rear axle disk brake conversion kit. all Complete kit.
Rear axle semi float (brake parts no warranty)
1963 - 1980
Complete assembly. With differential, axle shafts, etc.
Shipping is roughly +/- ~$150 on all axles. We recommend a brake service and clean up on all axles
Differential / Third Member Assembly. 100's in stock and available to ship.
For rear add a paper gasket for $9.99 / Cork rear end cover gasket for $12.99 / Pinion seal for $8.99
For front add the paper gasket at $9.99/Pinion seal at $8.99 and a inner axle seal set w/knuckle / hub gasket for only $49 additional. Everything required to do a basic swap out of the front differential unit.
3:7 or 4:1 full 90 day warranty. Front or rear.
4:1 , full 90 day warranty.
3:7, full 90 day warranty.
Front axle shafts include the inner shaft and the birfield CV joint.
Front Axle shaft with birfield joint
Front Axle shaft with birfield joint
1979-1990 Front Axle shaft with birfield joint
Rear Axle Shaft with good bearing surface. any Specify Year and side needed.
Knuckle early-68  
Steering Arm early-1978  
Spindle early-68  
Hub for bearings early-68  
Locking/Unlocking Hubs, Various manufacturers and Models available. early-75  
76-78 Warn, Selectro, Sears, Aisin, etc.
Knuckle seal kit with Japanese or USA knuckle and wheel bearings. 76-90 4 trunion bearings & 2 inner/2 outer bearings with all gaskets, seals, and locks required.
Rare used factory Toyota FJ40 PTO Winch Kit fits 1963-1973 FJ40 w/3 speed. Also fits 1974-1978 w/ 4 speed.
Specify year upon ordering. Complete set up including PTO gear, shaft, shifter, winch, etc. $1,250
Used radiators no leaks, fins may have degrading or marred.
Used Radiator
Fan Shroud
68-74 F engine type.
2F engine.
8/76-12/78 2F engine. w/o a/c type.
1/79-7/80 2F engine. w/ac type.
8/80-10/84 2F engine, w/o factory A/C type.
Engine Fan
Metal Fan Blade.
Plastic Fan Blade, NO Fan clutch.
8/76-12/78 Plastic Fan Blade, WITH Fan clutch.
01/79-1987 Plastic Fan Blade, WITH Fan clutch.
Fan Clutch any Original fan clutch.
Water Pump Remanufactured. Specify with or without fan clutch type.
Used Water Pump
Used original, worked when removed.
Distributors do not include the cap & rotor which is $16.99 extra for new.
Vacuum modules are included and are tested ok before shipping.
1968- 1974
Points type
1975- 1977
Semi-Electronic Points Ignition type
1978 -1980
Electronic Ignition type "Small Cap"
1981 - 1984
Electronic Ignition "large cap"
Factory Toyota electronic Ignition Set.
Includes a distributor, coil/igniter and side cover with gasket. This kit has all used components.
any year
Distributor w/igniter. Waterproof . Simple.
Coil/Igniter Assembly
1975 - 1977
Semi Electronic Ignition
Fully Electronic Ignition
1981 - 1984
Fully Electronic Ignition

Air Cleaner Assembly. Air cleaner units are sold complete with brackets ( early through 12/74 the bracket is sold seperatly). These are used units and have no rust holes. If you receive one and after sandblasting it has rust holes or too many pits. Then we will replace the components needed.

New Genuine Toyota air cleaner elements are available for $32.99

1958-1967 Oil Bath Type, 1 barrel
1958-3/1969 Paper filter element type. 1 barrel
03/1969-08/69 2 barrel
9/69-8/71 2 barrel
9/71-8/72 2 barrel
9/72-9/73 2 barrel carburetor.
9/73-12/74 2 barrel carburetor.
1/75-8/77 2 barrel carburetor.
9/77-12/78 2 barrel carburetor.
1/79-7/80 2 barrel carburetor.
8/80-10/85 2 barrel carburetor.
Air Cleaner Mounting Bracket 58-12/74 Mounting bracket for the early cleaners.
Carburetor Parts, e-mail or call us.
Weber carburetor with adapter kit. NEW. See options Click HERE. any  
Remanufactured Rochester carburetor with adapter kit any  
Carburetor Rebuild, send us your core. We rebuild & ship it back for free
ANY years
Completely rebuilt carburetor.

Rebuilt Genuine Toyota Carburetor.
We send you a carburetor first. Then you send us your old carburetor. Factory Toyota carburetors are the very best you can get for your original 2F or F engine. We stock these carburetors in almost all years and they are generally available for immediate shipment. If it is not then you must send us your carburetor first.

$150 core charge refunded when we receive your old complete core back.
Carburetor Insulator
Excellent condition - click for photo
Excellent condition - click for photo
Cracked heat distribution plate, insulator is fine.
OEM FJ40 P/S Gear Box remanufactured ($400 credit if you have core) 4-8 weeks.
Toyota FJ40 P/S gearbox
P/S high pressure line
P/S low pressure return line cooler assembly
Power Steering Pump with reservoir & Cap. NEW genuine Toyota!!
Power Steering Pump remanufactured
Power steering pump pulley, Cast metal type. Rare.
Power steering pump pulley, pressed metal type.
Power steering pump mounting bracket with bolts.
Smog Pump all federal models.
Works good, type with center shaft type pulley.
Smog pump for all california & federal models. 78-80 Works well, 3 bolt hole pulley type.
Smog pump for California and federal models.
Works good, type with 4 bolt pulley,
Remanufactured smog pump
New remanufactured + $50 core.
Pulley for smog emissions pump.
to 78
Center shaft pulley
any 3 bolt pulley
79-84 4 bolt pulley
Air Conditioning Compressor
Works good. No leaks, W/Clutch
68 - 80
External Regulator, Ready to go. Used take off
79 - 84
Internal Regulator, Ready to go. Used take off
Starter (Normal type)
1960 - 1982
Can upgrade to the below starter and have better cranking power!!
Starter (Gear reduction type)
New gear reduction starter. Not rebuilt!
Gear Reduction type Starter- Bolt in and go-
Start your older Cruiser faster with this starter!!
Brake Booster. Listed boosters are used working boosters.
If you want a rebuilt power brake booster the cost is $249 above the listed price.
Tested, used, ready to go.
Double Diaphragm Style, working well.
Late model single diaphragm. Can use in above applications. Direct bolt in.
No modifications needed.
Just adjust pedal connector and install.
Wiper Motor.
1958-1967 Separate type motors. Does not include cover or shaft through frame.
Complete including linkage.
1975-1976 Tested, working wiper motor.
Tested, working wiper motor.
Wiper Linkage Set 1975-1984 Complete wiper linkage set with good bushings,
Wiper motor cover. Gaskets are also available used at $15. 75-77 Smaller motor cover.
75-77 Upgraded Toyota cover that fits the earlier frame pattern but has bump outs for the late model wiper motor. Very rare!!
78-84 Late model large cover.
Wiper Arm
Sold Each,
Sold Each,
Sold Each,
Sold Each,
Wiper Blade Assembly all New genuine Toyota. Specify year.
Interior Parts
Front Seat, Left or Right. sold as refinish able, i.e. repaint & needs new covers, cushions. Solid frames, good metal, no rust holes. All working hardware.
early - 1972
Left "drivers seat" "40" side
early-1972 Right "passengers side seat" "60" side
1973 - 1978
Sold as Refinish able.
1979 - 1985
Sold as Refinish able.
Headrest, not sold with seat. 1968-1972 Drivers only, extremely rare!
1973-1978 Either side, nice shape.
1979-1985 Either side, nice shape.
Front seat brackets
1973 - 1978
Sold each. Total of 7 Brackets in stock set up. $225 for all.
Rear jump seat, sold as refinish able, i.e. repaint & needs new covers. Sold each.
Solid frames, good metal, no rust holes.
Good frame. Reference Non Roll bar type
1973 - 1977
Good frame. Roll bar type no leg. Reference
Good frame. Reference Roll bar type w/leg
Good frame. Reference Roll bar type w/leg
Front Lap Belt, sold each. brand new genuine Toyota. non retractable type.
Used original.
Front Shoulder Belt, sold each. These are genuine Toyota original shoulder belts.
We also carry an aftermarket front shoulder belt kit with receivers for only $149 brand new for 2.
Works with roll bar or hard top. Used, some fading
Works with roll bar or hard top. Used, some fading.
Gray rear jump seat belts 1979-1984 Sold each. Used original.
Rubber Parts
Left or Right wing window rubber 58-67 New reproduction.
Left wing Rubber
68-74 FJ40
Brand new left side vent window rubber. Aftermarket repro.
Right wing Rubber
68-74 FJ40
Brand new right side vent window rubber. Aftermarket repro.
Hardtop to window frame, top rubber.
1968 - 1983
Excellent Condition, Ready to use. Pliable
Window Frame to Cowl rubber
1968 - 1983
Excellent Condition, Ready to use. Not cracked etc.
Hardtop window Rubber
Any window in the side panels. Excellent Condition, Ready to use.
Window Regulator L or R
1962 - 1974
USED OEM assembly --
1975 - 1984
USED OEM assembly --
Glove Box Door
1962 - 1968
Complete with shifting Instructions.
1969 - 1974
Complete with shifting Instructions.
1974 - 1980
Complete with shifting Instructions.
1981 - 1984
Complete with shifting Instructions.
Ash Tray, dash mounted.
1968 - 1978
Pewter Metal Type.
1979 - 1984
Plastic type, nice upgrade.
Ash tray holder for dash. all Mounts in dash and insert goes into this.
Ash tray for late model center console. 81-84 Factory ash tray for the late model.
OEM A/M Radio
1973 - 1984
Factory Toyota FJ40/ FJ55, complete.
A/M -- F/M Radio
1973 - 1984
Factory Toyota FJ40/ FJ55 RARE!!! Complete
1973 - 1984
Perfect if putting the stereo system somewhere else.
Steering Wheel. Wheel only. No center pad or horn buttons.
1962 - 1968
Good Condition, plastic cracking.
8 / 1969 - 1972
Good Condition, plastic cracking.
1973 - 1984
Good shape. No Cracking or fading.
Will have fading, not cracked.
1981 - 1984
Can be used for any 73 and newer. Nice.
Steering Wheel Center and horn pads early-72 Used metal center horn button.
73-80 Red center logo with padded surround.
73-80 Blue center Logo and padded surround.
81-84 Larger style center pad with horn buttons.
Gauge Clusters, working speedometer head unit, all gauges working, recommend face plate refinishing.
1962 - 1972
All gauges in good working condition
1973 - 1978
All gauges in good working condition
1979 - 1985
All gauges in good working condition
All gauges in good working condition
Upper dash pad
all Nice shape, no cracks.
Lower right side dash pad
73-82 Good pins and good metal plate.
Lower center dash pad
73-82 Good pins, nice pad.
Lower left side dash pad
73-82 Good pins and good lower plate.
Turn Signal Switch
Works just fine. complete switch
Works well. complete switch
Headlight Switch.
58-67 Working turn dial type switch.
68 - 9/71
Works well. No knob.
9/71-9/72 Works well. No knob.
9/72-9/73 Works well. No knob.
9/73 - 1984
Works well. No knob.
9/72 - 1984
New genuine Toyota headlight switch. No rheostat, full on instrument lighting. w/new knob.
Hazard Switch
1968 - 1972
Works Fine. Complete assembly.
1973 - 1976
Heater Switch
1968 - 1974
Works Fine. Complete assembly.
1974 - 1984
Works Excellent.
Choke Cable
1962 - 1980
Works Fine. Complete assembly.
Works Fine. Complete assembly.
Lighted switch type.
Vent Cable
Works Fine. Complete assembly w/knob.
Warm pull cable
all Works, with knob.
Complete heater kit, if your cruiser had no front heater originally. 1973-1985 Everything needed except coolant hoses.
Front Heater Unit (inside unit mounts to firewall)
1968 - 1974
Complete assembly. No leaks.
1975 - 1984
Complete assembly. No Leaks.
Defroster hoses
all FJ40
Windshield defrost tubes.
Side window defroster tubes
Side window defroster nozzles.
Main blower tube, duct.
Heater Parts
Many Available, please e-mail or call for any particular piece.
Blower Motor housing bolts to firewall and blower motor bolts to this. all No cracks, good shape.
Blower Motor
Working blower motor.
Blower Resistor
If your motor only has one speed, you will need to get a resistor.
New aftermarket resistor set up.
Rear Heater
1968 - 1984
Works Great. Complete assembly. No Leaks. click for reference photo
Rear Heater Line set, hard copper type all Not kinked. Long lines along the floor.
Heater Line "T" set for splitting front and rear heater lines. all Set of 2 through firewall.
Rear heater blower motor FAN blade all Metal fan blade for blower motor.
Rear heater motors
Tested, working. No issues.
Interior rear view mirror 68-77  
Sun visor L or R
Needs cleaning / may have small blemish
Center Console
Great shape. Metal console between seat.
Excellent Plastic , no issues.
Excellent shape, for models w/rear heater and console ash tray.
Steering Column Cover Plastic 73-85 Both halves, no cracks, with screws.
Complete key set, ignition, 2 doors, gas door.
75 - 83
Complete set of locks w/ matched key.
Ignition cylinder w/keys
73 - 83
Comes w/ a key
Door lock
w/key works well
Gas door lock
w/key works well
Rear ambulance door lock 75-85 New genuine Toyota.
Rear Upper hatch lock cylinder early-84  
Factory Roll Bar, no head rest pads
Good shape.
Factory Roll Bar, with head rest pads
Exterior and Body Parts
Check out our online shopping cart for new parts.
Front Bumper
all FJ40
Will have some denting/scratches.
New is available at $169
Bumper supports or gussets / 4 total / 2 top uppers and 2 side lowers. Sold EACH.
Used, straight.
TOP Used, straight.
FJ40 Frame chassis assembly, comes with title paperwork if required.
early to 78
Solid frame, sandblasted and ready to go.
79-84 Solid frame, sandblasted and ready to go.
Factory 15" Rims are sold needing refinishing. Sandblast and repaint required.
w/cap clips. Drum type.
w/cap clips Disk brake type. New at $109
Chrome or white rims
Factory Hub Cap, Front or rear. Chrome type. Dish style.
Used Toyota hub cap
Factory Hub cap Front, black,sleeve over the front locking/unlocking hubs
Used hub cap needs repainting
Factory Hub cap Rear, black, says TOYOTA
Used hub cap needs repainting
1976-90 rims are fully interchangeable if you want a newer or older style
Front bib panel
1963-1973 Good shape, no issues.
Good condition, type with hood catch.
1979-1985 Factory Toyota used bib panel, sandblasted and in primer. No rust. Like new. Ready to paint.
Headlight Bezel / Surround 64-78  
Trim piece that bolts to front bib
Mesh Grill holds TOYOTA emblem
Specify year.
Front Fender L or R
all FJ40
Genuine Toyota new.
Fender Apron L or R. Sits on top of front fender.
Great condition, not bent, etc.
Kick Vent for cowl panel all  
Cowl panel that kick vent sits in. all  
Full Firewall assembly, refinished in primer. Includes floor support. 1958-1968  
FJ40 Full Body Tub Assembly Including firewall to the rear openin. Fully refinished in primer, all rust removed and replaced. all years Specify year when ordering.
3 month wait.
FJ40 Hood or Bonnet
Hoods are slightly different styles. All will interchange, any years.Used hoods will have dents, scratches, no rust perforation. New 75-84 type is available for $949
Solid hood, no major issues.
Solid hood, no major issues.
Solid hood, no major issues.
Hood Hinge L or R
Will need bushings.
Windshield Frame
1963 -1974
Good straight frame. Rusty.
Perfect for trail truck.
good condition, not rusted.
1975 - 1977
good condition, not rusted.
1978 - 1984
good condition, no rust.
Windshield Glass early-74  
Window frame hinge L or R
Windshield frame hinges we recommend new bushings. Bushings are available at $4.99 e new brass or $1 e new plastic. Stainless pins are available at $5.99 each.
Used running board
Where support/bolt attaches it will be rusted through. top face is fine. New running board set is available for only $159.
Front door L or R
No rust through, no dents.
Great shape. Sandblasted and no rust.
Excellent. Sandblasted and no rust.
Factory Toyota Soft Top 40 series front door. L & R available. all Good shape, complete soft top door.
Front door Glass early-74 Roll Up Glass
Front door glass vent window early-74 with metal frame.
Front door glass, no vent window. 75-84  
Late model door Vent glass upgrade, NON USA TYPE. Soldfor each door. 75-84 Complete kit. New rubbers are available.
Outer door handle early-74  
Outer Door handle. L & R
No cracking. Still works.
Door hinges front
Door side hinge - $10 // Inner body side hinge - $10
Hinge Pin
Door hinge pin bushings NEW. Sold each.
Brand new upgraded Brass bushings.
Door Striker 74-older Cast alloy type.
75-later U shaped door striker.
Rear ambulance door upper header, catch bolts to this. all Good shape. No issues.
Ambulance Door L or R
1975 - 1984
Excellent Condition. No rust. Sandblasted to bare steel, in primer. ready to paint.
Ambulance door window glass all  
Door hinge rear
Great shape, no problems.
License plate light bracket. Lights are $24 each new / Covers are $28 each new. 2 per a bracket. 74-84 Solid bracket, needs refinish.
Rear upper hatch header panel, part hinges bolt into. all Excellent shape.
Rear upper hatch. Liftgate style opening.
Not rusted.
Rust through areas along bottom, needs repair.
Rear hatch Window Glass all Glass only.
Rear hatch window glass rubber 64-84 Rubber seal, no cracking or issues.
Upper rear hatch chrome handle, Outer
Will have chrome pitting on handle.
New is $89
Upper rear hatch inside "T" handle all Works well, no issues.
Upper Rear hatch hinge   Left & Right are the same.
Lower rear swing door Left or Right.
Sandblasted to bare steel.
No rust. sold each.

In primer ready to sand and paint.
Don't waste time & money on rusted out doors. AFT MKT Repro at $299 e.
Swing door hinges   Sold each, specify location.
Swing door license plate light bracket early to 73 License plate light is available new at $29
e-mail or call with needs. 888-941-3450
Spare Tire Carrier
Passenger side mount.
Drivers side mount.
Tubular style carrier. Upgrade from the older style. Will need some work, bushings, etc.
Tire carrier body side hook
Mounts on body lower channel.
Mounts on body lower channel.
Tire carrier cushion
Mounts on body lower channel.
Fiberglass roof panel w/original steel gutters fully refinished.
all Rust free used original.
Fully Refinished. New factory white paint.
Headliner any Genuine Toyota OEM.
Hard top rear Side Panel L or R.
Sandblasted and in primer. No rust.
1975 -1976
Sandblasted and in primer. No rust.
1977 - 1985
Sandblasted and in primer. No rust.
Rear Tail light, used original
L & R available.
Front Turn signal, used original
L & R available.
FJ45 frame. Various years available. Ready to build your dream FJ45? This is for you!! $2,000

More parts are available.